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Make Sure Your Vote Counts More than Corporate Money

 “Derek Cressman, a Democrat, has excellent qualifications for the job. As an executive with the good-government group Common Cause, Cressman advocated for fair elections and campaign finance reform, and he would continue that advocacy as secretary of state. He has intelligent ideas about how to improve voter education, including creating an online voter guide with candidate videos, footage of debates and campaign contribution data.” - Los Angeles Times May 4, 2014


I'm running for Secretary of State to make sure your vote counts and your voice is heard. The voices of the people should not be drowned out by corporations or billionaires. When secretive, out-of-state groups funneled $11 million into California’s 2012 elections, I blew the whistle and got record fines for two front groups in the Koch Brothers big money political network. 

We’ve got to get corporate money out of politics

I’ll push to overturn Supreme Court rulings saying that money is free speech and that corporations have constitutional rights.  Corporations aren’t people.  They don’t breathe our air or send kids to school – and I’ll keep them from meddling in our elections. As a national reform leader at Common Cause I crafted ballot measures passed by over 3 out of 4 voters in Los Angeles and San Francisco calling for Congress to reverse Citizens United and ban corporate campaign spending. I’ve been the tough watchdog California voters need to stand up to special interests, expose SuperPACs and protect the integrity of our elections. 

Will you help?  I'm asking for your support to be California's next Secretary of State.


                       Derek Cressman

P.S. You can learn more about all the candidates running for Secretary of State at the League of Women Voters Smart Voter site. Get informed, then make sure your vote counts!